Leads are the lifeblood of any business and telemarketing is the leading way to develop a solid pipeline of fully qualified sales leads that are ready to convert.

Lead Generation

With over 20 years success in delivering lead generation, we can quickly establish a pipeline of leads for your business.

Appointment Making

Let us help fill your sales team’s diary with quality appointments for both existing and potential customers.


Some products and services have a longer sales process and we can help you improve the quality of your sales pipeline with tailored telemarketing campaigns.

Email Services

Email is still a highly productive outbound marketing tactic. We can run standalone campaigns for you or use emails to compliment other activities.

Digital Marketing Services


Our strategy will not only promote your website to more customers in Google and other search engines but will optimise landing pages to increase conversions and generate sales.


Successful PPC management requires a robust understanding of ad strategies and budget planning.


Improve your creative with proven best practices.

Web Design

We help companies increase their online presence and streamline operations by creating brochure websites-e-commerce platforms, web portals, content management systems, developing tailored solutions to meet their business needs.

About me

Greetings to all who seek unparalleled expertise in lead generation, telemarketing, and digital advertising! I am Marc Katz, a seasoned professional with an illustrious 20-year track record of transforming businesses through strategic lead generation initiatives. My prowess lies in crafting formidable pipelines that propel businesses to unprecedented heights.

Within the dynamic realm of MK Lead Generation, I am the architect of success, leveraging two decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to guide clients toward the realization of their sales objectives. Collaborating closely with each client, I delve deep into the intricacies of their business model, ensuring a comprehensive understanding that becomes the bedrock for delivering leads poised to usher in enduring success.

Join me on a journey where your business not only survives but thrives, as we sculpt a future of sustained triumph through the artistry of MK Lead Generation

Client Reviews

It’s been a pleasure working with Marc. He’s a real self-starter; he learns quickly and is tenacious too. Yet no telemarketer is any good if they are not creating the opportunities. And here Marc has excelled, even creating opportunities late on Friday afternoon! Would I use Marc again? Of course I would.
Nick Sladek
Marketing Manager
British Study Centres is an OET training provider and test centre. We needed extra support in reaching out to form partnerships NHS Trusts and International healthcare recruiters. Marc came to us on personal recommendation. From the first call and through to the end of the project, Marc was excellent. Professional, engaging and successful. His insight and input helped shaped our approach to this task as we learned more about the market through Marc’s tireless efforts. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any company that needed outstanding personalised market research and lead generation. I look forward to working with Marc again at a future date. Thanks Marc!
Daniel Atherton
Product and Strategy Manager, British Study Centres
Marc has been a great asset to the team, scoring us multiple high-level leads and building strong relationships with prospects in a very technical niche. His confidence and rapport on the phone is incomparable, not to mention his hard-working mindset and absolute commitment to generating results.
Zeke, Marketing Manager
Marc has been a fantastic lead generation manager for us. He's managed to secure first meetings that have catapulted Malinko from a start up to a rapidly growing SME. He diligently navigates the NHS to make sure we get in front of the right people with the right message and won't give up until he's achieved the goal. Rob McGovern Co Founder Malinko Healthcare
Rob McGovern Co-founder
Malinko Healthcare

Quality – Trust – Professionalism

To ensure that we deliver high quality leads that will allow your business to grow, we rigorously assess all prospects using the BANT formula:


Is there an estimated, allocated or approved budget?


Is the contact a key decision maker?


What is the specific need for the business?


Are they gathering information, reviewing vendors or shortlisting potential suppliers?

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